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What is Industry Centre of Excellence (ICOE) ?

Industry Centre of Excellence was introduced by Ministry of Education (MOE) with the objectives of enhancing relationship between universities and industries to realizetheir existence objectives.

This will help them to develop human capital according to the respective needs and current surrounding and increase their effort in the areas of research, development and commercialization.

Each ICoE will be led by anchor company which provide manpower projection (executive & non executive level) as well as specify skills and criteriaswith the assistance of their eco system’s manpower requirement.

On the other hand lead university plays its role by providing experts/specialist and training infra as well as provide students from internal  or other higher learning institute to meet up the requirement by industries.



The objective of ICoE is to address the issue of graduate employability through human capital development and enhancement of technology sharing between higher learning institutions and industries. It is driven by "anchor companies" in the industry and lead by a "lead university", which is handpicked by the companies themselves. The collaboration is supported by supply chains of the multinational companies and institutions of higher learning to ensure the centre's sustainability.

The keyword to realising this initiative is strategic collaboration and that being said, the involvement of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as part of the vendor chains of the big companies will be a stepping stone for them to uplift and be competitive at district, regional and national levels.

Also, in line with the aspirations of the Rural Transformation Programme, the enhancement of these SMEs will in return increase existing and create new employment opportunities for graduates. The lead university also plays a vital role at this juncture, as the coordinator to implement this programme with the support of other higher learning institutions.

Strong collaboration between industries and higher learning institutions will increase graduate employability and enhance the academician workforce, especially with the vast exposure and experience within the industry's environment. In addition to technical skills, students will also be instilled with soft skills based on the needs of industrial clusters involved.