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Giving students practical training in the employment sector in engineering, technology, and management education to improve the professional skills and interpersonal skills


Learning Results

After the expiration of the Industrial Training Course, students can:

    1. Enhance the competence and competitiveness in their respective areas of specialization.
    2. Correlate experience at work with what they have learned at the Institute of Higher Education.
    3. Apply theoretical and academic knowledge learned.
    4. Improving the skills to interact and communicate effectively.
    5. Gain more experience and knowledge that can be used to select a suitable job after graduation.



Students are allowed to withdraw from the Industrial Training Course after a report to the organizations subject to the UTHM Academic Regulations.



Students may only postpone the Industrial Training for reasons permitted by Article 18 of the UTHM Academic Regulation.


Credit and Industrial Training Exercise

Value of credit and implementation of Industrial Training is based on a curriculum that was designed by the faculty or academic centers. Students should consult the faculty or academic center for more information on the course code, course registration and the period of Industrial Training.


Program Credit Percentage of Total Credit (%)
Engineering 4 70
Engineering Technology 4-12 60
Diploma 4-9 60
Others 4-12 70



Failing Decision

Students are considered failed if:

    1. No training period and no withdrawal records after making a confession accepting the offer Industrial Training
    2. Changing the Industrial Training placement without the written approval of the Deputy Dean ( Academic and International ) Faculty / Academic Center.
    3. Training period less than the minimum of 80 % attendance is stipulated in the Faculty Academic program.
    4. Unable to send reports and log books on the specified date at the end of training period.
    5. Making false documents or information related to Industrial Training, like forging a letter of offer, log books, book reports, admission attendance letter, medical certificate and death certificate immediate family members.