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Registration of industrial training


The registration shall use the Course Registration Form and approved by their academic advisor or one of the Faculty's Academic Administrator. Registration of students who do not meet the prerequisite training will void the industry itself even underwent training and meet industry criteria.


Selection of Industrial Training Venue

Students have to choose one industrial training only. Any offers received will be informed by the Office of University Relations and Industry and the students have to give an answer as soon as possible. University and Industry Relations Office will provide feedback to the industry on their acceptance of the offer.


Industrial Training Period

Students are required to undergo industrial training in a timely manner by the program of study.


Report Cards

Students must update and return the card to report for the University and Industry Relations Office within one week after a report in the industry.


Change of Venue for Industrial Training

Any application for a change of venue should be made by the student in writing to the Office of University Relations and Industry through the Deputy Dean (Academic and International) faculty/ academic center. Exchange is not allowed except for the following reasons:

  1. Place the original training offered is not in accordance with the program of study.
  2. Form a working environment that is unsafe or that involve sensitive issues.

Mail exchange application must be submitted to the Faculty Industrial Training Coordinator and University and Industry Relations Office within two weeks from the date of the report for the reasons stated exchange. Results of the application is subject to the Faculty Industrial Training Coordinator and University and Industry Relations Office.


Student Responsibilities

Students are required to obey all rules and regulations enforced by the organization during the period of industry training while not violate University and the Universities and University Colleges.

During the training period the student must be in industrial organization in which they are placed, or in other locations according to the instructions of the organization. If a student is found not to undergo industrial training or fake attendance, students will be thwarted. Industrial Supervisor will submit a report to the management of academic faculty absenteeism.


On Leave

Students who are on sick leave must submit a medical certificate certified by a qualified medical officer. Application for leave other than sick leave must provide proof and received approval from the organization. Students who take leave more than 20% of the industrial training period required to withdraw or postpone the training.

For such a special leave application service program countries and official business of the University, students must seek written approval of the organization and the dean of the faculty. The holidays should be replaced with the extension of industrial training.


Adjustment Allowance Industrial Training

The university shall not provide funding for students to undergo industrial training. Students may not ask for any remuneration, salary or allowance from the organization unless the organization is giving out.



Fees are subject to the Circular Treasurer (Payment Regulations Students).


Student Insurance

All students University are covered by group insurance scheme, (Refer to Student Affairs Office for further details).