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Before Supervision


Faculty Industrial Training Supervisor must ensure,

  1. To accept the appointment and supervision schedule Faculty Industrial Training Supervisor confirmed by the Deputy Dean (Academic and International) faculty/ academic center.
  2. Fill out the forms for the trip supervision.
      1. Application for Use of Official Vehicles UTHM/ Own/ Air ticket application.
      2. Form Movement Working Out Parit Raja.
      3. Application for Advance Payment (If necessary)
  3. Calling student and organizations to identify:
      1. Cities supervision.
      2. Date and time of the visit.
      3. Industrial Supervisor who will be found.


During Supervision

Faculty Industrial Training Supervisor is responsible for:

  1. Visit, monitor and assess students.
  2. To help students solve problems.
  3. Make a discussion with the Industrial Supervisor.
  4. To guide the students and check the log book.
  5. Distribute questionnaires industry training faculty.


After Supervision

Faculty Industrial Training Supervisor is responsible for:

  1. To receive and evaluate the log book and the final report.
  2. Surrender Industrial Training assessment scores within the period prescribed by the Faculty Industrial Training Coordinator.

Faculty Industrial Training Coordinator is responsible for:

  1. Keeping the training industry for the purpose of accreditation of academic programs and the revision of MS ISO auditing. The document can be disposed of after two years from the date of completion of the training industry.