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The following is the role of the parties involved:

Faculty Industrial Training Coordinator:

  1. Review the list of students who register for Industrial Training and identify their areas.
  2. Updating and training information.
  3. Updating and Industry Training documents.
  4. Submit course code information, the estimated number of students, the proposed dates, the period of Industrial Training and information for the training of University and Industry Relations Office.
  5. Briefed the Industrial Training Supervisor Faculty and students about the rules, monitoring and evaluation of the Industrial Training.
  6. Preparing a tentative schedule a visit to the Faculty of Industrial Training Supervisor.

Faculty Industrial Training Supervisor:

  1. Monitor, identify problems and assess student progress.
  2. Review and evaluate the final report of the logbook and industrial training for students.
  3. Assess student performance and presentation by rubric determined by the faculty.

University and Industry Relations Office:

  1. Obtain personal information of students.
  2. Obtaining information Industrial Training placement selection that can be applied by students.
  3. Displaying a list of the training and the latest training.
  4. Demonstrate Industry Training period in accordance with the curriculum.
  5. Getting the resume of students for the purposes of the application.
  6. Industrial Training placement apply to students.
  7. Managing the candidate screening and selection of industrial training to students abroad.


Assessment scheme

Rating is based on the industrial training assessment which has been determined by the faculty or academic centers respectively. The evaluations are as follows:

  1. Logbook and the final report.
  2. Assessment of students' performance by the industrial training supervisor faculty and industry.
  3. Presentation.